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Living in the Question More and More Often


I’m learning to be in the questions more and more….so often I go through long periods of time just concluding, deciding, judging, labeling, categorizing, but I’m shifting.  My thoughts do turn to questions more and more often.  I’m really looking forward to be in a state of receiving the infinite all the time. How cool would that be?

Honey, I’m home! What else is possible?



I’ve been waiting 14 years to make it back home to Santa Fe and the Sangre de Cristos!  While I was living in West Hills, CA, I discovered Access Consciousness and what it brought me made it possible to be back where I belong.  I feel like my soul was born in Santa Fe, and finally I can breathe easier.  It’s amazing how much “place” makes a difference in how you feel about life.  I’d moved to L.A. to work in the film industry and I did have a great time there!  I met my soulmate, which was the greatest gift I received.   Aaron Star is the greatest, most enjoyable partner I could have imagined for myself.  We’ve been through it all, the ups and downs, ins and outs, and experienced and grown up so much together over the last 17 years.  I’ve been truly blessed.  How did I get so lucky?

Through Access Consciousness, I learned that humans have the hardest time receiving, and I’m no different.  I know that I deserve everything that I desire, but receiving it without resistance or only validating it if it comes in the form I’ve judged as acceptable, has been quite the evolution.  I was the queen of assumption, judgment, conclusion, and knowing it all, i.e., limitation.  Now that I’m letting go of my judgments of myself and everything that moves, or doesn’t move, my life is becoming more and more infinite by the day.

Receiving our dreams, in spite of ourselves, that’s the adventure. 🙂   So in the spirit of being in the question, Who am I and what grand and glorious adventure am I having today back in my “home” town?